Ambitious Project

Dr.Kalam’s Vision Towards Person with Disability(PwD):

Former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was concerned about people with disability and along with his team “developed lightweight prosthetics" from space-age material to enable disabled children to walk easily.Dr.Kalam was not only an inspiration for the young generation, but also a supporter of Persons with Disabilities.

Kalam had seen these differently abled children struggling with the artificial limbs that weighed at least 4 kg. His team made one with composite heat materials used for rockets. This one is 10 times lighter!!!.

"Bharat Ratna awardee and his team developed lightweight prosthetics from space-age materials to enable children with disabilities to walk. He expressed his delight on seeing children run and cycle using these light weight artificial limbs”.

"Dr. Kalam was always eager and willing to lend support to conversations and events related to the rights, and needs, of Persons with Disabilities,"

Kalam vision, committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in the poorest communities of the INDIA.

Dr.kalam Special School (KSS)

Dr.Kalam Special School (KSS)! KSS is a school dedicated solely to the education of children with special needs and their families. The doors of KSS are open to children of all faiths because we strive to create an environment that fosters respect for individual differences and celebrates the unique strengths of each child. Children who attend KSS have a range of disabilities, including physically challenged, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and autism. Prior to attending KSS, most were confined in their homes and had few opportunities for intellectual or social development.

KSS serves as a model by training teachers, empowering parents, and offering our students the opportunity to learn and grow, KSS is setting a new standard for educating children with disabilities in India or even beyond.


KSS Mission:

The mission of KSS is to meet the educational, developmental, social, and emotional needs of individuals with multiple disabilities while treating each child with respect and dignity and recognizing the individuality and uniqueness of every student we serve.

Arise of KSS

Today, the demand for special education placements is far greater than the school can contain. Accordingly, KSS planning to built a facility of our own that is not only be able to accommodate a greater number of students, but is also designed to accommodate their accessibility needs as well. We will develop a vocational component in our curriculum to address the needs of our special students. Our long term goal is to train teachers to prepare them to work in satellite facilities across INDIA. KSS Visionary

Upcoming Plans

KSS Visionary Plan’s To Accomplish in Coming Days!!!

  • To establish an integrated day care school for children with Multiple Disabilities (i.e. Down Syndrome, Mental Retardation, Slow Learners, Learning Disability, etc.), Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment, etc. with normal and underprivileged children, including specialized computer therapy training and education, featuring computer games and other activities.
  • Set up a biomedical research and diagnostic unit, for scientists to work on the genetic aspect of mental retardation and associated problem.
  • The establishment of a Library for children with Multiple Disabilities, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment, with normal and underprivileged children, etc.
  • To start a hostel and club, with residential accommodation, etc. for children with Multiple Disabilities, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment, with normal and underprivileged children, etc. involving maximum participants in various social & cultural programmes.
  • To set up a 24 Hr. help line call center for children with Multiple Disabilities, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment, etc. in distress, i.e. with the help of guardians, teachers, doctors, etc.
  • Set up a charitable dispensary with various other medical / hospitable facilities.
  • To facilitate primary level, under graduate; graduate; postgraduate level education and non-formal education, for all children, etc
  • Construct a hydrotherapy pool equipped with water therapy system and a multisensory unit made with the latest scientific technologies.
  • To undertake pilot projects as part of research and development.
  • To organize camps on educating children with Multiple Disabilities, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment, with normal and underprivileged children, etc.
  • To encourage the formation of various local groups across the world to reach out to larger sections of the population.
  • To setup a world class vocational training centre to train and empower various categorizes of People with disability(PwD) and the real needy of the society by encompassing them with the mainstream society.
  • To regularly provide all Specialized Therapies to our students including Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Computer Therapy, Pet Therapy (with Dogs & Horses), Vocational Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Yoga & Meditation and more.
  • To TIE-UP / Associate with Open School Boards, like NOS and others, to enable children enhance their IQ as well as get prepared to give examination.
  • To address, whenever possible, other issues affecting human life such as health care, environment, socio-economic aspects and women and children's issues.