Empathy Board Members

Mr. Kalaiselvam is an well known social reformer and a versatile intellectual who stood strongly for several social service activities, like providing equal employment opportunity for the differently abled people, rehabilitation of disabled friendly work environment, generating the employment opportunities, proving vocational training along with shelter and taking part in various activities for empowering the disabled and the real needy of the the society on every walks of life. With his rational and dynamic thinking and views, he battled vehemently for differently abled people employment opportunities with equal rights.

Apart from being a social reformer, he was a great visionary with ambition to create a dedicated world class educational institution for empowering the differently abled and the less fortunate people. He living a life of sacrifice, love and kindness. He committed himself to uplifting society from his personal commitment to social responsibility highlights that his work needs to be continued on a larger scale as a quarter of Indian population is still below poverty line.

Dr. Sathyaprema a professor and well known social reformer serving for the economically weaker and socially neglected sections of the society range from adult education, vocational and industrial training, up-liftment of disabled, women empowerment and real needy of the society with the aims at making the underprivileged sections of the society self-reliant in all aspects of their lives.

M.Udayakumar an business man and social reformer working for the upliftment and welfare of the weeker section of the society like for the empowerment of differently abled people, women up-liftment, creating social awerness among various section of the society and real needy of the society.