Empathy Commitment

Changing Lives… Creating Opportunity

We have always been driven by our purpose—which is to help people change their lives and create opportunities for themselves and their families. Founders were on the leading edge of Society change. As early as 2012, Empathy was actively engaged in helping differently abled people by providing the employment opportunities for 25 plus people to enable them leading life with independently and confidently.

Our Mission

Our mission, Preparing Our Society to Meet Life's Challenges, drives us to help everyone who come to our door. Empathy help individuals and families access resources that will help them meet immediate and longer-term needs, improve job skills, maintain or increase their independence, stabilize living situations, and achieve educational goals. We know that our work matters to our community.

People First

Empathy dedicated teams are committed to putting people first. Empathy services are designed to support holistic change, addressing human needs by building on the unique strengths of individuals, who can then create opportunities for themselves and their families. Individuals and families are encouraged to take steps toward long-term economic stability.

Working Together

In these exceptionally challenging times, it is more important than ever to create a diverse and innovative network of programs that help participants meet life-changing goals. To do this, we build on the collective strength of Empathy staff, participants, communities, board, public and private, vendors, Society nonprofits and other constituents. By working together we deliver our best work.

We listen to Society concerns, encourage systems change, and work together to address social challenges. Society profiling and other research help Empathy to identify under-served populations and concerns that are not being addressed. We hold ourselves to the highest levels of public accountability and transparency, recognizing our role as a steward of the community’s trust and resources.

Our Future

The current employment situation, and economic turmoil, shapes an uncertain future for low-income families and communities. Because of the economic climate and the uncertainty of public funds, Empathy is developing alternative options for generating revenue. We are investing in the future of our communities through social enterprises in order to continue to provide quality services and strengthen the region.

We are committed to utilizing our experience, expertise and resources in creative ways to address concerns.