Empathy History

EMPATHY is a registered, non profitable voluntary and developmental organization. Empathy was established in 2012.Despite with his own handicap, Empathy founder's vision is to bring joy into several people’s lives. He has not allowed his disability to stop him from serving the real needy. With genuine love flowing from deep within his heart, Empathy founder who came from rural INDIA is bringing smiles on the faces of children with different disabilities. Not just children but youth and the elderly too are benefitted by the programmes that Empathy Foundation takes up. “Empathy” means “Ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. Empathy has been serving the society – people belonging to all walks of life across the society.

Empathy founder felt that the empowerment of differently abled and underprivileged people’s challenges could be addressed more effectively only through an Institutional Mechanism. So, we have started “EMPATHY” as a registered (SL No: 2595 of 2012) Voluntary and Non-Profitable Organization under Tamilnadu Societies Act, 1975 with the objective of serving for the empowerment of disabled and underprivileged people of the society.

Long forgotten sections of the society rise to claim their Equal and Basic Rights due to HUMAN DIGNITY under as one EMPATHY especially in Tamilnadu state. EMPATHY is implementing the differently ability development projects in the Tamilnadu State of INDIA

Since then “EMPATHY” has been undertaking some initiatives fulfilling the demands of its constituency. This forms the basis for “EMPATHY” in 2012 to address the issues of disabled persons in a comprehensive manner. Mr. Kalaiselvam – a physically challenged person and also the IT professional is the founder of our organization

Our society has branded the Physically Handicapped as "DISABLED". But we would like to impress upon the fact that the Handicapped are "DIFFERENTLY ABLED" and "UNDERPREVILEGED PEOPLE"