Empathy Today

Empathy helps individuals, families, and entire communities take steps toward a healthy and economically stable future. Since 2012, Empathy has worked closely with local officials, providers, private and the public to address challenges such as helping the real needy of the society various sections in providing employment opportunities, educational assistance, employment generation, training etc.

Empathy combines research, compassion and accountability to assess community needs, devise programs to meet those needs, and locate funding to turn those plans into reality. We offer a broad-based network of innovative, high quality programs and services designed to strengthen communities and help people of all ages overcome life’s challenges. By partnering with others, we have expanded resources available to the community.

As a prominent with a strong organization in place, Empathy responds to community needs with resources and programs. Our results-based Steps to Success approach to holistic service delivery and other innovative programs help build a more stable and successful future for families, seniors, and youth in Tamilnadu and across India.

Empathy grew from grassroots level to help the people with disability(PwD) and underprivileged people of various section of the society in Chennai, Tamilnadu and across INDIA.

Our Work:

  • We serve our communities by listening to their concerns and working together to solve social problems.
  • We indulge in create systems change, and to work with industry pioneers to develop new and innovative service models to address ongoing challenges.
  • Our diverse network of programs fosters independence and skill building. Individuals and families are encouraged to take steps toward a long-term and stable future.
  • We recognize that participants experience longer-term benefits from an integrated approach to case management. Our 'Steps to Success’ approach addresses multiple needs and challenges in a single plan.
  • Results-based accountability systems track program outcomes and impact on our communities, enabling us to accurately report data as we improve and enhance Empathy programs.