Get Involved – Partnerships

Partnering with Community Renewal Team:

Empathy staff helps people improve job skills, maintain independence, stabilize living situations, and achieve educational goals. To change lives and create opportunities, Empathy works closely with local businesses, corporations, educational institutions and organizations to foster participant independence and skill building. Together we guide individuals, families and entire communities toward a long-term stable and more successful future.

Corporate Partnerships:

Empathy is committed to working with institutions that support Empathy’s mission of improving lives. Our corporate partners advise Empathy on potential markets, support Empathy programs and activities, and help create strategic collaborations.

Community Partnerships:

Empathy is committed to promoting advancement within our communities. We collaborate with other nonprofit agencies to improve and innovate service delivery. Guided by shared goals, we partner to expand education, youth, and employment opportunities. We share resources to strengthen senior services, housing and behavioral health services to our communities.

Educational Partnerships:

Empathy is committed to advancing employment, training and educational opportunities for our staff and for students interested in health and human services.

Empathy offers colleges and universities:

  • Internships that provide mentoring and career opportunities at any of our program services and administrative departments.
  • Research opportunities for institutions interested in health and human services for people of all ages.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with workforce groups and Boards of Education in local towns.