Recruit PWD

"Use the skills that I have got. Do not focus on what I have not. Of course, I am aware of my limitation. People with disability are on the same page as us when it comes to working for their livelihood. It is just a matter of wiping away our prejudice against them and their disability. There is no one formula that works for all. Each training module is customized according to the disability of the batch of students so that the student is equipped to use their disability to the best of their ability. This only enables them to experience complete job satisfaction and also contribute positively to the organization’s growth. At Empathy, we believe that training itself isn’t sufficient; but what is required is the honing of their latent proficiencies which will only add value in their professional life. The training program provides a complete 360 degree expertise, in an interactive and easy-to-learn manner with focus on job based skills.

Hiring Person with Disability(PwD):

This section is for all employers including private companies, government organizations and non governmental organizations. This section outlines the business case for hiring persons with disability and also provides general guidelines for the hiring process.

The Business Case: Why consider person with disability for employment?

Widens the candidate pool: Employers of persons with disability have always found that an alternate but equally competent candidate pool is especially useful where the skill pool is limited or employees are in short supply.

Promotes diverse Workforce: Many organizations have already recognized that diversity among their workforce brings many business benefits like creative thinking and innovation that promotes efficiency, productivity and overall business success.

Creates an inclusive organization: Being part of an inclusive organization boosts employee morale and team work. The new perspective helps in bringing out better and more inclusive products thus expanding the customer base.

Embodiment of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): A socially responsible company is appreciated by its customers and stake holders thereby improving its public image.